Put an end to the test-related anxiousness. I'll make sure you're ready to give it your all.


Week 1

Hello, my name is Sydney, I graduated in December of 2021. I have taken the NCLEX twice now and have been unsuccessful both times. I have always struggled with taking tests and school never came easy to me, but I never thought I would have this hard of a time getting through this last hoop. The last time I took my NCLEX I felt so defeated, I was so frustrated I just stopped studying all together. I know I could not give up on myself, that’s when I decided to sign up for the 6-week nursing bootcamp. Nick was my pharmacology instructor in nursing school, so I already knew how great of an instructor he truly is. My worst fear is to be unsuccessful again, but I am giving these 6 weeks my all and trusting in Nick’s process. I’m ready to get through this last hoop, I’m ready to become a nurse.

Week 2

We are into week two of nursing bootcamp. I am feeling very grateful to have this opportunity to take this class with Nick. I really feel like this is exactly what I needed to “get my head back into the game”. I am learning a ton and its only week two. Week one was fundamentals, this week is med/surg. I am still so anxious and worried about the NCLEX but I really am trying to focus on giving it my all right now, so I don’t feel so stressed when it comes to actually taking it. I get so stressed and down when I get an assessment score of below average, but Nick is always there to remind me that I am still learning from that. I am still learning something new that I didn’t know before. I hope I can gain confidence in myself throughout this class.

Week 3 – 4

Going into weeks 3 and 4 of nursing bootcamp I am starting to feel more confident as I see my test scores on Uworld going up. I am still nervous about taking the NCLEX, but I am learning so much each week which is giving more confidence. Nick does such a great job with breaking everything down to understand it on every level. He teaches one thing, but that one thing gives so much more information about 5 other things. I am very nervous still but taking this class and the amount of content I am learning is giving more confidence than I have ever had.

Week 6

Finishing up the last weeks of class I am feeling more confident than I ever have. I am still so nervous, don’t get me wrong. I really do believe that I have the best chance I ever have with being successful with the NCLEX. I have learned so much content and feel comfortable about the knowledge I have gained. I can take all the facts that I have learned and apply them to questions. So many different things have been put together for me to better understand the bigger picture in nursing.

Post pass the NCLEX

I had Nick as my pharmacology instructor and he was simply amazing. I had multiple people suggest I reach out to Nick after being unsuccessful. A few weeks of wanting to give up and I finally messaged Nick on Facebook. I knew I couldn’t give up something I wanted so bad. I was skeptical at first, but Nick walked me through everything before starting the class while also being very supportive, no matter what my choice ended up being.

I started the 6-week nursing bootcamp on July 5th, 2022, and on August 13th, 2022 I PASSED my NCLEX in 75 questions! I learned so much from Nick, making me more confident and educated than I ever have been. Nick has a way with teaching that is repetitive and very motivating. He breaks down everything in fundamentals and builds off that each week introducing a new section. He cares so much about his students, and he gives you his all in the 6-weeks. I have never met someone so committed to what they do, you know he is there for YOU. I can’t thank Nick enough for this class and all he has done for me. I am so grateful for him and what he does. I am a nurse, and I am confident because of Nick. I can finally say I am Sydney, RN and that has the best feeling ever.

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