Put an end to the test-related anxiousness. I'll make sure you're ready to give it your all.


Week 1

So I came to this class because I feel like I am at a dead end. I have tried so many things and need some motivation. Been a little while since I took the test, so I feel like I need this refresher. I really like the repetition so far and how you seem to care about what you are trying to do. Also feel like I am really thinking about how everything is connected, which helps. I enjoy the passion and commitment. Although my scores have yet to improve much, really think I eventually will get there. Feel like I am breaking down the question more and what it is asking. So far I like the class. Need to put more effort outside of class probably. Thanks for checking in on us! Very helpful!

Week 2

Still liking the repetition of class. it helps me to go over things multiple times and try to process. Also, like how you connect everything it helps to understand everything more. Still feel like I am making dumb mistakes with the questions but feeling a little more confident in some areas that we have been over, so that is good.

Week 3

I have been consistent with questions. Been about average. Feeling a little frustrated with myself because I feel like I have been second guessing myself lately. I feel like class has been good, been understanding and learning the content well. Repetition has been good for me. I need to go over drugs more and more because I feel like that is my weak spot, but it has been good for me learning the drugs in this class. it has been the best understanding I think I have gotten over drugs for this test. So overall going well, just feeling a little nervous that I not reaching above average consistently yet.

Week 6

I have been doing lots of questions still feeling right smack in the middle pretty much every time. Some questions I do and am above and some I do are average. seem to be consistent. Need to still take my time with questions and read every word clearly and slow. I have been over a few tests already but need to continue to read through old tests. working on going over the nursing bundle as well, been studying that and doing questions.

After passing NCLEX

So I still can’t believe it, after graduating 14 years ago I am officially a RN!!! It has been a long process for me to get to this point, and I tried not to give up even though a lot of times I wanted to. This class really helped me tie everything together and give me the confidence to know that I could do it!! The repetition, the positive vibes, and belief that I can do it has brought me to this point in life right now!! Could not have pulled this off without the help from Nick!!! He is passionate about teaching and truly wants everyone to succeed!!! I am so Thankful I took his class and can officially say I am Jessica, RN!!!!!!!!!

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