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Week 1

My first time taking the NCLEX I did not feel the greatest going into the test. I took it about two weeks after graduating in May of 2021 since everyone told me that was the best time to take it since I just got out of school. I did not know where to begin studying and didn’t know what or how to study. I was anxious and terrified my first time taking it and was not able to concentrate. Over this past week I feel so confident in myself and feel way more prepared than I did going into the test the first time. The repetition during class helps me tremendously and having someone actually face to face and walking me through the best way to study and what to study has helped me also. My test scores on Uworld are well above the average and that has helped boost my confidence and actually knowing and understanding the content now has also boosted my confidence. I still have areas that I know I need work in but the breaking down of each section is helping me a lot and I can’t wait to continue.

Week 2

I am becoming more confident in answering questions because I’m actually understanding the content now so my anxiety is decreased a bit there. When it comes to reading though and taking notes, I have a bit of anxiety there due to not knowing the key points we should know and what’s important to know about each area. My problem is wanting to know everything about anything and being afraid I’m not going to know an answer on the test because I didn’t think it was important to stress about.

The repetition in class has been the biggest help for me. I find myself going through questions and actually repeating what we said in class and that has helped me to answer questions correctly. While I’m looking over my notes I also do this and I love it. The group text is also a big help cause in some ways it helps me be accountable as well as getting me motivated. Doing in group questions can be a bit of a downer for me because I see others getting the questions right when I’m wrong and making silly mistakes, but it’s also a helper for me. I’m able to see why I didn’t get it right or what mistakes I make when going through questions as well as hearing other people’s thought process being there choices and how they got it right.

I can definitely slow down when answering my questions and really read the questions. Most of my mistakes I make is looking over a word in the questions that changes the answer completely. Also holding myself accountable to sending in test scores is another thing I can do even if my test score is not the best. I have not looked into Youtube videos yet, but I feel like those may help me with my problem areas as well as actually testing in an area that is dog and husband free and actually setting up my area as if I’m at the testing center.

Week 3

Going into week 4 I’m definitely becoming more confident in myself not only with the content but in test taking. I’m setting my environment up as it would be when taking the NCLEX and holding myself accountable to making sure I’m staying focused. I am also holding myself accountable to slowing down and rereading the question to make sure I didn’t miss anything important like I was before. I feel like holding myself accountable that way has helped improve my scores and has made me less anxious. Continuing repetition in class has been my savior and going through questions and learning how to break them down and work through them even if I don’t know the content has helped me with taking test also. One thing I want to continue doing is making a study guide for myself and going through it like we would in class. Also going to group study sessions outside of class is something I want to continue doing.

Week 4

Now that were getting closer to the NCLEX I feel like I have a better chance taking it this time than I have with my previous attempts. Seeing my scores in UWorld continuously increases each time and staying above the average on each of my test has increased my confidence and I feel like I’m better prepared going into taking my NCLEX. The study groups outside of class I feel has helped me and looking over questions I got wrong with other people to help explain why the answer was wrong has been helpful. I’m also continuously going over information we’ve gone over as well as what I’ve read and I think that’s helped me with my questions. Going slower and taking my time with questions and really analyzing the question before answer has helped with my scores. Things that have helped me in the class has been repetition, confidence, being part of the group, understanding each section and doing questions.

Week 5/6

This week has got me kind of stressed about taking the test. After the last assessment I feel like I kind of got in my head with my test this past weekend. Last night before going to bed though I thought to myself that I have done well on all my other test and that the last self-assessment score means nothing, that I will pass my test. I have also caught myself this past weekend not taking my time like I had been on my last test and that I needed to slow down. This morning when I did my test, I was able to slow down and tell myself that I can do it and was able to bring my score back up. Doing as many questions as I have over this course has helped greatly and the repetition in class and reading a recommended source has helped me gain more confidence. I was able to get a group of girls that was willing to meet up outside of class times and study with me and I feel like that has also helped within the 6 weeks. I am stressed but I must keep telling myself that I’m going to pass and I’m going to bust my butt until the day that I test. I’m worried because I feel like there is so much that I don’t know but then again I keep telling myself that I won’t know everything going in but I know strategies to help me break down questions and answer them correctly. Having more confidence in myself and these little reminders are things that I feel will help me be more successful this time testing.

After passing the NCLEX

I never thought I would be able to say that I’m finally an RN but here I am. The class was such a huge help, and I can’t begin to thank you enough. Coming into the 6 weeks I was skeptical; I didn’t know what to expect and wasn’t too sure how this would help me unlike all the other programs I’ve tried. I think the biggest thing for me was having people that don’t know you from Adam tell you over and over that you’re going to pass. I have tons of support from friends and family but it’s different coming from people you hardly know. That was a huge confidence booster for me. If these people believed in me then I can believe in myself. What also helped was breaking things down from the very beginning and continuing to go over that content while also adding new content. The structure of the class and having someone always there to hold me accountable as well as telling me I’m going to do this really made me work so hard to pass. When I got my results I couldn’t believe it, I still can’t. I’m so excited to start this journey and see where it takes me. Here’s to new beginnings as Cassidy RN!!!

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