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Week 1

It’s been about 5 months since I graduated. After I failed my NCLEX on the first attempted I felt horrible, especially because I failed at 75 questions. It made me feel like I didn’t know anything, and I didn’t fully know how to recover from that. However, after the first week of class I do feel like my confidence is slowly increasing as well as my knowledge base.

Week 2

Throughout the end of week 2, I have had an increase in anxiety and worry. Knowing that my NCLEX is coming up makes me incredibly anxious. However, I’ve noticed that being repetitive and continuing to go over my flashcards is helping me a lot. One thing that I really want to work on this week and the upcoming weeks is my knowledge base on pharmacology. Another thing that I think I need to do differently is stop trying to memorize everything and every detail, I think it makes me really overwhelmed and hard to focus on the “must know material”.

Week 3

I’m terrified about the upcoming NCLEX exam, as the weeks progress and the closer my test date comes the more anxious I get. I’m just scared that because I failed my NCLEX twice and both with 75 questions that I’m going to fail again. Failing with 75 questions twice makes it hard for my confidence level to get where it needs to be. I’ve been going over notes, flashcards, and doing 75 questions almost every day. With that said I do think I’m on the right track to learn the material and retain it as well.

Week 5

I am still feeling anxious about taking the NCLEX, however, I do feel like out of all my attempts from taking the NCLEX this upcoming one is the most prepared I have ever felt. I think that I have learned and retained more than I have ever had. My scores in Uworld are averaging at like 60%, to help myself better improve these scores I’ve been doing more practice questions, flashcards, and doing my readings. In class I think repetition and breaking down questions have been the most helpful.

Week 6

The predictor “fake NCLEX test” has really helped with my confidence level. I think being able to see my improvement from the first test to this most recent one has made me really see how much I have truly learned over the past 6 weeks. My biggest fear is failing because that would definitely suck, and I genuinely feel like I have put in a lot of time and effort into making sure I don’t fail again.

After passing the NCLEX

Before the 6-week course I had unfortunately failed my NCLEX twice, both times failing with 75 questions. This made me feel like there was no possible way I could learn all the necessary material to successfully pass the NCLEX. I had tried Uworld, Mark Klimek, practice exams, and ATI all with no luck. One of my coworkers heard a lot of good things about Nick and the different types of courses he offers for those who have been struggling to pass their NCLEX. I was optimistic at first and was not sure of the cost and time was truly worth it. After speaking with Nick on the phone, I could tell he was super passionate about what he does and teaches, and from there I decided to take his 6-week course.

During the 6-week course I did everything he had told me to do. I would spend extra time creating flashcards, reading the material he provided, and practice doing NCLEX questions. I took his class very seriously because not only did I want to pass my NCLEX, but Nick also wanted to make sure I was successful in passing as well.

Directly after the 6-week course ended I took my NCLEX and passed with 75 questions. I genuinely could not have passed if it was not for Nick and everything he had done to help me prepare for the NCLEX. I truly feel like I will be a better nurse because of Nick and his 6-week course. I learned so much from him and I will be forever grateful for everything he has taught me.

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