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Week 1

I had a rough journey towards the end of nursing school. I had some medical issues that caused me to need to have surgery. I pushed through and didn’t prepare myself for the NCLEX, decided to just take it since I was fresh out of school, and I thought I retained most of the information, but I was wrong. I ended up failing 5 times and this upcoming time will be my 6th attempt. I graduated in Dec of 2021 from Gateway. I struggle with severe anxiety not only with testing but just with life in general, so it’s extremely hard for me. This NCLEX test has really taken the wind out my sails, but I am trying to stay positive and keep pushing! I am feeling more confident after week one of the class, I have noticed an increase in my uworld scores since the last time I used it months ago. The repetition of material, questions and the readings are really helping. I also think breaking everything down into parts and not just trying to learn everything at once is also helping! I can’t wait to see my progress throughout the next 5 weeks.

Week 2

I am feeling a lot less anxious, I feel like I am retaining more information with repetition. I have noticed that doing the questions and reading/writing out the rationales has really helped my scores. I’ve noticed I am struggling with the endocrine system, so I have been trying to put some focus there while still trying to balance doing other questions with the other systems. I have a hard time reading a book and understanding what I’ve read so that has been a struggle for me. Texting my scores to Nick has also helped because it holds me accountable for the work outside of class! Overall, I feel like I have improved since week 1 and I am looking forward to the continued improvement throughout the rest of the course.

Week 3

I am feeling better and better each week about the NCLEX. I have bumped up the number of questions I do in one sitting to 75 as if I were actually taking the NCLEX. I thought when I switched to 75 questions that I wasn’t going to do as well on the Uworld tests because of the number of questions. But so far, I am still continuing to get the same scores I was getting when I did 50 questions. I have also started writing down the rationales for the questions I am getting wrong and reading over them in addition to writing them down has also helped. I am nervous about mental health and peds because every time I’ve taken the NCLEX those were the categories I’ve struggled in. I am looking forward to learning the mental health and peds material. Crazy to think how fast this class went…. NCLEX in 3-4 weeks, but I know I am doing everything I can to make this my best attempt! I know I can do this it’s just a mind over matter thing for me!

Week 4

I am feeling the most prepared I’ve ever felt for the NCLEX. I am a little nervous that I am having to take it a week after the class ends due to that being my first available ATT test date. I have been consistently scoring in the middle 60’s on Uworld, I started writing the rationales to help increase more scores and become consistent. Breaking down questions has really helped in class; I like how you have the class setup and it’s been easy to follow with implementing new sections into Uworld little by little. I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done to help me become the most prepared that I’ve ever been.

Week 5/6

I am feeling anxious and nervous about the test but I know I’ve prepared myself as far as material to the best of my ability. I was really upset last week when I didn’t do so well on the practice NCLEX, I realized after taking that…. That I need to get my anxiety in check. I have been doing positive affirmations and going to the library to do my questions. Going to the library has really helped me with getting out of my comfort zone when taking the tests.

Post passing the NCLEX

As of today I can officially say that I passed my NCLEX and now have the RN initials behind my name! It has been a long road to get to this point and I couldn’t have done it without this class. I learned so much during the 6-weeks that gave me everything I needed to be successful! The class not only gave me the knowledge needed to pass the NCLEX, but it also gave me the confidence to be successful. I can never thank you enough for all the knowledge you’ve given me as well as all the time and effort you put into each of us to be successful on the NCLEX. I am so thankful that I decided to take the CodeBreaker NCLEX course, I couldn’t have done it without you! Now that I passed, I am ready to start learning how this all works in the real world! I am looking forward to being open to learning every day and insuring I am the best nurse possible for my patients. THANK YOU SO MUCH NICK!!

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