Put an end to the test-related anxiousness. I'll make sure you're ready to give it your all.


Week 1

I have taken the NCLEX several times and failed. my anxiety gets the best of me and the (ADD) .. I DO FEEL a lil more confident but i need to put in more time and effort since my work schedule is changing. and can only get better from here to pass this test.

Week 2

I feel like I have a decent amount of anxiety, but I am feeling better after the medicine I just recently started. And starting to feel a little better about things i know its going to take me making the time for the questions.

Repetition is helping and I feel like listening to the YOU TUBE is helping me as well.
I am starting more to do a study plan more
Trying to work more on the daily questions
Learning more to break down the questions
Group text I feel is nice and makes me remember to make time for it as well
In person testimonies is very helpful to see what they all went through as well and makes it all real

I need to make time and do more questions and be more faithful into doing what I need to do to better myself. A lot has been going on and now quitting my job to make more time for this I believe is going to help me. yes it’s been a struggle but starting tomorrow things will be more free to get it all done and work harder to get where I need to be.

Week 5

I am feeling a little better about the NCLEX. I am becoming a little more confident.

My scores on Uworld, I spoke to you about all of that earlier. I’m going to start hitting it hard this week and next week. I will start doing more questions. I know that’s where my struggle is.

The things I have done to improve: I have been trying to read more of the book and different things but I know that my major thing I’m lacking is UWORLD.

The things helping in class are Reputation, and Questions, helping us break down questions as well. Past students talking I believe helps make things a reality and see it’s not just us. Thanks for All you do to help us better understand and there for us.

Week 6

I’m feeling pretty good about this week and ready to review some extra things I don’t know and prepare better for Friday. My fears: I feel like I don’t have any fears right now. I am feeling confident in this and ready to push through these last few days to review.

I have been making flash cards and looking over things I haven’t gotten correct along with reviewing notes and watching your you tube videos, I feel like repetition is the best way for me to actually learn and retain it. Repetition and doing Questions together along with going over the basic things we need to know and be adapted to has helped me over the 6 weeks.

I feel like the Mock NCLEX was a good eye opener on some of the things to go and re look at and make some flash cards of along with just going back and seeing what I did and didn’t do correct to help me better realize what I need to do to get me where I need to be.
Yes, things in my life have held me back from being as prepared as I wanted to be but I am going to go ahead and push through these last few days and prepare myself to get through this and not look back. Thanks for all the things you have taught me over the 6-week course and helped me better understand things.

After passing the NCLEX 

Finally, I passed my NCLEX after 6 long years!! I’m still so excited and in denial. That I have finally been able to pass!
I can’t believe this is Real!! And it wouldn’t be without the help of Nick and his 6-week class along with the support of my family and my children all pushing me to do better and knowing I can’t show them it’s okay to Give up!! The NCLEX knocks you down, but you have to get back and go at it again! Thanks so much for your time and encouragement and help along the way Nick!

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