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Week 1

My name is Amanda, I graduated from UC in 2021. I have taken the NCLEX 5 times. The first day coming into this class I was very anxious. There were points in time I felt an anxiety attack coming at times. I have enjoyed coming into class. I love sitting in-person and learning in a classroom setting, it keeps me more motivated. I usually don’t like to participate much but I’m really going out my comfort zone and trying to get the most out of the class. I think what I need to work on is making sure I’m not just going through the motion of the questions when I don’t feel up to doing them. I also need to work on my confidence when answering the questions. Lastly, my biggest issue is managing all the anxiety and overwhelming feelings, I get every time I even think about taking or trying again for the NCLEX. I know what keeps me motivated is the thought that this could be the last time if I put the effort and time it takes.

Week 2

I still feel some anxiety going into week 3. After I scheduled again it’s been a struggle to keep my anxiety at bay about the test. I do enjoy coming to class and learning. Even though it is a lot all at once I do feel like I’m learning so much more than I did in nursing school. I also like how the class isn’t about just tricks to remember content to be able to pass, it’s an actual review of it all. I’m doing well with completing the questions every day. I think sometimes if I wait too long I second guess myself and if I go too fast, I don’t understand everything I’m reading to be able to answer the question. My scores have been good but for some reason just lacking the confidence on them and telling myself I’m okay you are doing good. Also reading the rationales on the questions I get wrong helps me with questions I end up getting later. I need to improve on my confidence, taking my time and trusting my gut. I also need to read the book more often. I’m excited to learn more each week and see how my confidence and scores can improve.

Week 3

This past week I have been doing questions and see that things are clicking and I’m recognizing things that I’ve learned in class in them. I do feel a lot more confident when I have been doing them. This morning though I noticed I was still second guessing myself a bit but the confidence in doing the questions over all is there. I want to do more questions if I’m able to, which usually I am. My anxiety has lessened but I still have lingering symptoms. Excited and nervous that my test date is coming up. This is the most prepared I’ve felt to take it but still just have those lingering nerves and voice says just what if it doesn’t go the way I want it to. Overall excited to keep learning and gaining more knowledge.

Week 4

This past week I felt a lot more confident and comfortable doing questions. Now with that said OB is not my strong suit. I did notice during those I was getting frustrated when doing the questions. I need to focus on that area to make myself more comfortable and expand my understanding of the content. I have started doing questions I previously got wrong to see if I would get them correct this time around. I still have a little bit of anxiety about having to test here soon. I have been trying to focus on the facts of the past couple of weeks. Just reaffirming myself and trusting that this is the most prepared I’ve ever been for the test. Overall feeling excited of seeing what else I learn this week.

Week 5

Last week was much better when it came to my anxiety. I felt a lot calmer doing questions and studying. I’m still a little anxious but it’s not the impending doom feeling. I have seen my confidence improve when I am doing questions as well. I for once am kind of excited to take it again. I know this will be my best attempt yet. I am sad the weeks are coming to an end though. I really enjoyed coming into class every day and learning.

After passing the NCLEX

I found out today that I finally passed my boards. I am still in a state of shock. It’s like this pressure I have had for years has finally been lifted off my chest and I can breathe easier. I can’t explain the excitement I have to finally be able to say Amanda RN. All the anxiety I felt for two years can finally calm down. All the knowledge Nick shared throughout the class and the motivation helped. The past 6 weeks have not been easy, but it was worth it. All the work you put in does not go unnoticed and pays off in the long run. I am just so happy it’s hard to even explain in words. Feels so good to say I’m finally done! Definitely, 6th times the charm.

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