Put an end to the test-related anxiousness. I'll make sure you're ready to give it your all.


Week 1

My name is Alex; it has been almost 4 years since I graduated and have taken my NCLEX 8 times. I feel great coming to class, helps keep me focused for a prolonged period of time during a busy life and helps me be selfish and put time into my studies which I NEED that structure. So far, I think just having you lecture us, then having questions over the things we touch on really really helps me when testing. But also, because I’m getting them right and seeing the silly “correct” at the bottom helps me to feel confident on the next question and so on.

I definitely need to be more selfish, just setting aside more time to do my test questions, and reading more thoroughly through the rationales, right and wrong. What will keep me motivated is continuing to do well on my quizzes, showing up to class, getting that positive motivation from you for my test or quizzes and knowing you’re holding us accountable. I know I do better with structure, and I haven’t tried this much structure since graduating. Thank you for all you do to help keep me accountable for myself.

Week 2

Going into week three, I am feeling positive. Week two was rough from being busy at home, but I am ready to get back into focus. A few days off but kept up with my work as best I could and didn’t stop thinking about how I will be a nurse in just a few short weeks. I think we are starting to enter into some of my more challenging topics which is great so I am ready to learn and apply that knowledge to my questions.

What has been helpful so far, hasn’t changed from last week. Love you keeping us accountable, texts, having the homework for us to do and the reading that goes right along with it. I also really appreciate you being so supportive even when we aren’t in the classroom. It’s easy to stay focused in class but when we leave sometimes it’s hard to stay in that mindset and you do a great job keeping me there.

UWorld questions…I think are going great really. I am not mad about my scores. A few tests were rough because I didn’t have much focus but otherwise it seems to be going well. I have been reading more of the rationales. I think I need more work on SATA, I’m getting better but still struggling when those pop up to be confident in the number of answers that are correct or incorrect. I’d say my confidence has improved when it comes to questions. I think I am more confident in the knowledge behind the questions. Which before I was not so sure about. I still want to see better test scores…I want to be 100% that the day I sit will be the last time I sit for this test lol.

Week 3

I feel like I am still doing well, definitely have been a little more checked out. We are in the process of moving!! This is very exciting, but timing is not great. I feel strong and the questions are great, but I feel I am really benefiting from being in class with you and the girls. I feel more confident in my questions but really struggle with pharm which I spoke with you about separately. I just don’t feel as confident. I second guess myself on those questions. I have been getting more questions that are SATA and I’m missing like one every time which is frustrating. I know that I know the information and that I am intelligent, but I am starting to get in my own head when it comes to testing.

You’re still doing an amazing job holding me accountable and being supportive. My fiancé is working hard keeping things in order at home. I’m thankful for his support in this whole process. I need to do more questions, I need more information, I need to feel like I can lead myself in our lectures when we review. (I’m not that confident) but I know I can get there. It has just been a wild few weeks but I haven’t given up.

Week 4

Happy Monday. Going into this 4th week, I am getting excited and nervous. In a good way. I have been slacking more on my test taking but I have been looking over old ones. This weekend I was hoping to have more down time to sit down and really redo old questions and knock out some new ones but I just did not.

I think that my test scores that I sent, and I did do a few that I didn’t send since I do them all back to back I feel like I don’t wanna bombard you with a million different ones but I think I am doing ok. I feel like I hit a point though last week where it was a struggle to just keep pushing. This is going to be my 9th attempt, and I would be lying if I wasn’t worried the same outcome will happen. I do feel SO much more prepared this time and I know I will pass but those thoughts do come sometimes. I am EXCITED my test date is set; I am more focused this week I am ready.

Week 5

Happy Monday, and practice TEST WEEK!

I am so excited about my test this week. Don’t get me wrong I am so so so nervous, but I think it’s a good nervous and a little PTSD. I just wanted to say thank you so much for believing in me, us, the class… it feels good to know how intelligent I really am I just needed the boost. You have made me feel more prepared than I have ever previously felt before a test.

I still am feeling a little hesitant about a few subjects, pediatrics which has never been my strongest but I just need to do more questions I think and I need to review more of the dosage calculations that you sent me because that is a worry of mine I’ll get something that I cannot get and then it turns the test against me lol…

Overall I feel almost overwhelmed with knowledge. I am not upset with my performance, but it feels like someone said give Alex all the things to trial with while trying to be selfish and study… and let’s see how she does! I wish I could have been more eat, breathe, sleep, NCLEX but it isn’t my first time and I know I know the information. It’s all in my head at this point, I think. I just wish there was that guarantee, and I didn’t have to worry about anything more.

As always, I APPRECIATE your positive messages and your encouragement. Holding me accountable. I am so blessed to have been sent in your direction really and I will forever be thanking you when I pass this Saturday!!!

After passing the NCLEX

Hi Nick! I am writing this to you as a NURSE! I never thought I’d be able to say that.

After your 6-week course I really was feeling good about taking my test, I was only nervous of getting the same results as the times in the past that I thought I felt good before taking my NCLEX. You helped me relearn what feels like all of nursing school, but you just made it make sense. I had the knowledge inside but didn’t know how it applied to how we practice nursing.

I will say it still doesn’t feel real and I feel like I’m supposed to be in class right now… but it was a huge weight lifted off of my stress… not passing that many years just leaves you with defeat really.

I never studied as hard as I did with your techniques, questions every day, lectures, a group to do it with. You’re just open and up front from day one letting us know this is no joke, I’m capable and it’s going to happen but I have to be selfish to get there. I was never good about being selfish when it came to my test, but you helped me do that. So much motivation and dedication on your end helped me feel the same. It’s been amazing and just what I needed.

I am forever grateful that you helped me get to this major milestone in my life! I plan to keep in touch and maybe I’ll be one of your students coming back to chat to the next class😉

Thank you Nick😇

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