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Nick Thomas

After finishing my MSN in education, I became an AHA (American Heart Association) BLS (Basic Life Support), ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support), and PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) certified instructor. I used these certifications to train thousands of student nurses, ED, OR, ICU, TCU, and critical care RNs to run codes.

I worked 10 years in the ED of a 4-hospital system that employs more than 10,000 employees. Later, I was asked to collaborate and teach for the hospital's first EKG class launch. For the first 2 years of the EKG class, I taught nearly every RN that started at the hospital on a floor where there was telemetry.

After nursing school, I could never get complacent with one area. I started on a med/surg floor before spending the rest of my time in the Emergency Department. While working in the ED, I volunteered to pick up shifts everywhere. Inpatient mental health, ICU, and all the different floors in the hospital. When that wasn’t busy enough, I worked a second job at an (LTAC) Long Term Acute Care, and a rehab facility.

Then I transitioned into education (the best decision of my life). My college-level experience started as a clinical adjunct educator teaching lab, skills, clinical, simulation, and later became full-time didactic staff. During my time as a collegiate professor, I taught Pharmacology, Med/Surg, Fundamentals, Leadership, and Critical Care.

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I struggled with an opportunity offered to become the Dean of a nursing program or take a position with more hands-on interaction using the newest simulation technology in the world. I accepted the offer to become an Education Specialist in a large hospital system supporting education for multiple departments like the ED, OR, SDS, Research, and more. There is a large focus on kinesthetic learning and interacting with state-of-the-art simulation with that role. I worked daily with leaders and educators on current processes, protocols, and staff education.

I stepped back from the hospital Education Specialist position to pursue my passion for supporting hard-working students to pass the NCLEX. I continue to work as an ED RN to stay current. Seeing students become an RN after multiple unsuccessful attempts is extremely rewarding. Helping students pass the NCLEX after graduating college more than 14 years ago is amazing! I have helped many of these students and can help you too! You might not think you can do it, but I know you can. I’ve helped students with language barriers, test anxiety, dyslexia, low confidence, and reading issues. You can be a nurse. It will all make sense.

I’m a different kind of professor than you had before. You will learn the principles, you will understand the details, and you will understand what it takes to be successful. Now is the time to sign up to improve ATI levels and HESI scores. Now is the time to pass your NCLEX.

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Live NCLEX in-person review

Current nursing students or upcoming graduates should quickly take advantage of the Weekend NCLEX Prep. This will comprehensively review subject content and give a better understanding of what is being asked in alignment with the NCSBN. This provides a better viewing lens for NCLEX subjects, lecture content, improving HESI scores, improving ATI levels, prioritization, fundamental concepts, and the fine details.

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  • Receive 50% discount for 90 Day Access to On-Demand lectures after signing up for an in-person NCLEX live review session.
    NCLEX 6-week Boot Camp

    This 6-week remediation program is for students that have been unsuccessful on the NCLEX multiple times or graduated with a considerable amount of time before taking boards (LPN’s and RN’s). The success rate for this 6-week focused remediation is extremely high with students that have passed on the first attempt after graduating up to 15 years prior.

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    You deserve the support you never had from an MSN educator to be successful.

    • Get 90 day subscription to Uworld that reports to your professor
    • Weekly individualized feedback
    • Lectures 3 times a week for 6 weeks
    • Small class environment
    • Cover all sections: Fundamentals, Leadership, Med/Surg, OB, Pediatrics, and Mental Health
    • Be prepared with lecture and test taking strategy
    • Your next attempt will be the best ever

    Class size is limited! Do not let another 45 days go by when you are not making the money you want in the career you have worked hard for. You can read testimonials from past students that have taken the 6-week CodeBreaker NCLEX cohort. Now is your time. Are you willing to put in the work? Contact me with any questions (nickthomas@codebreakernclex.com)

    Review comprehensive NGN NCLEX questions to prepare for NCLEX

    Mission Statement

    To effectively, efficiently and affordably teach nursing practitioners and students the knowledge they need to pass the NCLEX and officially become RN’s and LPN's through online and in-person training.

    Vision Statement

    To eliminate the shortage of registered nurses and decrease test anxiety through a new and improved training methodology that will improve the lives of nurses/students and overall improve healthcare staffing.


    Quality is Our Passion

    Nick has a gift and great passion for teaching and was the best instructor I had in nursing school. He would break down the material and find ways to explain it that would make it easier to understand. Nick truly cares about his students and always encourages them to succeed. He makes learning fun and always has such a positive attitude. I followed every step in his NCLEX course and after taking his NCLEX course I felt very prepared and confident and I passed in 75 questions. I wouldn't have passed the NCLEX if it wasn't for Nick's NCLEX course. I would highly recommend his course to anyone. Thank you for everything Nick!

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    Estrella Mata

    Nick is an absolute beast in his knowledge of everything nursing related. I passed not only nursing school because of him but I also passed my NCLEX because of him. He has a real passion for what he does. I am so incredibly honored to have met him and walked the journey with him. He’s a real inspiration and has a go getter attitude. When he teaches something and sees that you are not quiet understanding what he’s lying down, he refuses to move on till you have a better understand of what he’s saying. He finds a way for it to all stick. He’s out here creating future nurses. I will forever be greatful for this man! You won’t be sorry when it comes to him!

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    Crissy Gooch Applegate

    Nick is hands down the best. I was fortunate enough to have him as my instructor for a few classes. One of them being Pharmacology- and the hardest subject known to man, and only made it through because of his teaching. So toward the end of school, I knew I needed to take his NCLEX prep course. I can not say enough good things about both the course, and Nick. He is so much fun, hilarious, positive and SO encouraging. He covers the material and somehow makes it fun. Take the course. I promise you will feel so much more confident walking into the NCLEX!!

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    Katie Monroe






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